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Re: "Trash Can" or steel drum dish antennas

> As an aside, anyone ever heard of a "cornucopia" antenna?  Some of the
> old long-haul analog microwave sites run by the old AT&T still have some
> up.  They are generally a cone pointing up with an "elbow" opening that
> opens to the horizon.  Those have even better sidelobe/backlobe
> performance.  I have some pictures in old textbooks; they appear to be
> one of the original radio astronomy antennas.  And now they're all dark;
> someone needs to pull one down and fire it up!!

Yes, I have such a microwave site you reference above,located about 200 ft
from my home.
Its a 200 ft unguided hvy steel tower with a base leg spread of 20ft. There
were six of these
cones mounted on the top tower plate.The dishes were about six feet in
diameter with a
barrell side of 2ft and a weather protector hood. Four have been
removed,leaving 2 in operation
(I think). There is also a concrete bunker 10x10x10 located just under the
tower,loaded with
old comm gear,mind you the last time I was in there must be twenty years ago!
Every 6mos a service rep shows up to perform maintence on the tower,I'll watch
for him and
see if I can get my hands on one of these dishes. Very interesting subject
thanks Scott.


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