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Re: "Trash Can" or steel drum dish antennas

In a message dated 12/3/01 8:53:43 PM Pacific Standard Time, n7bfs@qwest.net 

> Well what I see described fits what we call a "hi-performance" dish shroud 
>  for most of our 6GHz ( actually 5.6 to 5.8 ) paths ( ds3 radios running 
>  telephone and public safety traffic ) , and ours are 2 and 3m dishes so I 
> can 
>  tell you  from experience that those shrouds ( trash can sides ) are 
>  large and heavy , but they work very well when you have local paths that 
>  not in the same line as your path , but are close enough nearby ( 
proximity )
>  to be a problem without the shroud and are required with some licenses .
>  With that said the only thing I can think that a shroud would do for us 
> round 
>  dish owners on S-band would be to reduce the terrestrial noise ( microwave 
>  ovens etc ) , anyone know better on this please correct me , since I have 
>  been thinking about building my own "hi-performance" shroud for my 60cm 
>  to see how it would help my local noise .......

The military antennas seem to be made of solid metal, even the shrouds.  Yes, 
heavy and a lot of wind load.  Wouldn't it be possible to make it from wire 
mesh like the dish surface and still get adequate performance?  

For people with strong local interference, would "burying" the feed 
completely inside the "can" solve anything? i.e. make the shrouds enclose the 
entire feed?

Ray - WB3ABN
Kingston, WA
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