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RE: Horizon LEO Link

> which (if any) linear polarization (horz., vert., or 45) is the best
> compromize "on-the-horizon?" This would be useful because 
> with the legal 5
> watts max at UHF in Russia, a longer beam will be necessary. 
> Or at this
> point is it wise to go with circular (which) polarization?

I's go for circular polarisation (RHCP, to be specific).  That way, you
minimise the fading caused by spacecraft orientation relative to your
antenna or propagation anomalies.

For LEOs, I'd suggest the Texas Potato Masher II that Jerry, K5OE designed.
I've used a varieant of this antenna with good results.  It has a broad
pattern, so aiming isn't too critical, but yet good performance.  Your 5W on
UHF with a TPMII should be good for most (all?) LEOs.

I regularly used to work SO-35 with 0.5W uplink into that antenna, and can
easily hear the FO beacons horizon to horizon.

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