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RE: @Home and AO-40

Robert, et. al.

As of 3:11PM PST ONLY AT&T customers (some 850,00) were "removed"
from the @Home network. Cox and Comcast customers are still alive.

I our local San Diego paper (today) the report was as you suggested,
AT&T was trying to effectively "steal" as in bilk the @Home shareholders
and bond holders out of millions of dollars.

AT&T, IMHO is no better than Carl Icann the famous corporate raider.

What I don't understand is why AT&T was so interested in buying @Home
when AT&T has their broadband network on the market.

The only people who really got screwed in this mess was AT&T broadband
users that run on @Home.

So here's an idea, cancel you AT&T long distance service, go to a competitor.
Just think what you could do to their bottom line if 1 million people did that
over night.

Mike (KF6MPI)

At 09:08 AM 12/3/2001, Robert McGwier wrote:

>It would be interesting to confirm whether only AT&T customers
>were affected in this or if Cox and Comcast customers were also
>hit.  AT&T is a major culprit in this entire game.  Excite
>was so EXCITED when AT&T became a major contributor, stockholder,
>and put people on the board of Excite@Home.  If you believe the
>words from Excite@Home, since that time, AT&T has supposedly worked
>very hard to be a corporate raider rather than meets its fiduciary
>responsibilities to the stockholders.  AT&T offered a paltry
>$300,000,000 for Excite@Home's broadband capacity.  That is the
>amount of revenue that Excite generates every 6 months before the
>courts allowed them to end the contracts.  Under the contracts
>proposed by Comcast at least, the amount of revenue would go
>up from $12 per customer to $20 per customer and completely
>wipe out monthly losses and return them to profitability if
>they did not lose customers as a result.  I changed long distance
>carriers today,  and gave them my reasons.  Maybe you could
>do the same.  It is my opinion they have behaved shamefully and
>have almost cost 4,000,000 people their internet service.
>Speaking from personal experience,  Cable modem has literally
>changed my family's life and I for one hope that we continue
>to be able to use it.
>BTW, I am a Comcast customer, and while they have sent mailings,
>and have a regular update page,  we are not yet impacted at
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>Well, my Web Pages on @Home are back, so it looks like we @home folkes have
>been given a repreve.  I'd still recommend doing full backups.  The utility
>I used that worked, BTW, on @Home was ncftpget (recursive) on Linux.  Wget
>got confused by the way @Home did their account structure.
>On AO-40.  They way I look at the condition on AO-40 is this:  Unless you
>live in San Diego, or North Texas, it is now the absolutely best way of
>experimenting with microwaves.  With the exception of contests, there is
>little activity here (or in most of the US/World) on microwave bands. With
>AO-40 there is always the beacon, and usually QSOs.  The experimentation
>I've (and others) have done on patch feeds (and helixes for that matter) is
>the most educational fun I've in years in Ham Radio.
>There are many facets to ham radio:  Emergency Comms, Operating, DXing,
>Contesting, etc.  But to me.. my cup of tea is Experimenting.  I wouldn't be
>here if I couldn't build my own equipment and experiment with it.  AO-40 is
>AWESOME for that.  Guys, we are playing with nearly state-of-the-art stuff
>here.  Isn't that cool enough for most of you?
>I'm kinda sad about AO-40 going "away" until April, but now I don't have to
>get my permanent antennas up until then...in the snow.. in December... in
>Fred W0FMS
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