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Re: AO-40 lite activity

I heard AO-40 for the first time this past Friday (Nov.30) between 2230Z and
0100Z. I was using a transystems 3733 with the attached dipole on a 24" dish
I found abandoned on the roof of the building I work in. This fed a homebrew
2M to 10M downconverter which was attached to an ancient Atlas 110 receiver.
heard SSB, CW, PSK31 and Hellscreiber all in this brief time. True, my
modest setup didn't provide S9 signals, but I was able to listen for an hour
and a half without touching the antenna, which was sitting on a railing
outside the door.

I don't think anything in my setup was exotic or expensive. It didn't
require allot of specialized equipment to assemble.  Given the current
conditions with AO-40, maybe we should be concentrating on using modes
better suited for the link budgets we have. It was allot easier copying CW,
PSK31 and Hellscreiber than it was copying SSB. I haven't made any C/N
measurements yet, but from what I was able to hear, I bet we could have
better QSO's using digital compressed voice at 9.6KB using FSK (or PSK) with
1/2 rate FEC.

I think I have to agree with a comment made earlier, if you don't enjoy the
hands on aspect of the hobby then maybe this isn't for you. I don't chase DX
or ragchew, but I believe those activities are just as valid as the ones I
do enjoy.

Think I gave more than 2cents worth there,,,,
Howie AB2S

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