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RE: @Home and AO-40

As an AT&T Subscriber (And a business owner), Excite's irresponsible and
outright greedy actions have cost me a lot.  My internet service at my home
(Which also happens to be where I work), went down early saturday morning.

In AT&T's favor, they did have some semblence of service restored as of
sunday night.  However, it is not the level of service, and also missing
static IP addresses that I rely on for security reasons.  (Every machine I
access professionally requires me to come from the same address every time.)

As a result, I have canned AT&T and ordered DSL service.  I will probably
miss my AT&T@Home service, but thusfar, I've been so underwhelmed with AT&T
Broadband, that I can't stand it.  One other thing I didn't appreciate...
When you reconfigure your equipment, AT&T forces you to accept the new terms
and conditions.  Those T&C's require that you completely hold AT&T harmless
under ANY circumstances including negligence and that there are no remedies
for down time, and unless specifically stated under state law, there will be
no refunds or credits for Loss of Service.  Yeah, that instills confidence.

The fact that I lost 36 hours worth of email (Because of the way my domain
aliases are set up) didn't excite me much either.  You should have SEEN what
we went through trying to find an AOL Disk in DFW last weekend.

Now... Back to Satellites! :)


PS-  I wasn't able to send this back direct because it says that Robert is
no longer a subscriber of the @HOME system.  Go figure.

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It would be interesting to confirm whether only AT&T customers
were affected in this or if Cox and Comcast customers were also
hit.  AT&T is a major culprit in this entire game.  Excite
was so EXCITED when AT&T became a major contributor, stockholder,
and put people on the board of Excite@Home.  If you believe the
words from Excite@Home, since that time, AT&T has supposedly worked
very hard to be a corporate raider rather than meets its fiduciary
responsibilities to the stockholders.  AT&T offered a paltry
$300,000,000 for Excite@Home's broadband capacity.  That is the
amount of revenue that Excite generates every 6 months before the
courts allowed them to end the contracts.  Under the contracts
proposed by Comcast at least, the amount of revenue would go
up from $12 per customer to $20 per customer and completely
wipe out monthly losses and return them to profitability if
they did not lose customers as a result.  I changed long distance
carriers today,  and gave them my reasons.  Maybe you could
do the same.  It is my opinion they have behaved shamefully and
have almost cost 4,000,000 people their internet service.

Speaking from personal experience,  Cable modem has literally
changed my family's life and I for one hope that we continue
to be able to use it.

BTW, I am a Comcast customer, and while they have sent mailings,
and have a regular update page,  we are not yet impacted at



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Well, my Web Pages on @Home are back, so it looks like we @home folkes have
been given a repreve.  I'd still recommend doing full backups.  The utility
I used that worked, BTW, on @Home was ncftpget (recursive) on Linux.  Wget
got confused by the way @Home did their account structure.

On AO-40.  They way I look at the condition on AO-40 is this:  Unless you
live in San Diego, or North Texas, it is now the absolutely best way of
experimenting with microwaves.  With the exception of contests, there is
little activity here (or in most of the US/World) on microwave bands. With
AO-40 there is always the beacon, and usually QSOs.  The experimentation
I've (and others) have done on patch feeds (and helixes for that matter) is
the most educational fun I've in years in Ham Radio.

There are many facets to ham radio:  Emergency Comms, Operating, DXing,
Contesting, etc.  But to me.. my cup of tea is Experimenting.  I wouldn't be
here if I couldn't build my own equipment and experiment with it.  AO-40 is
AWESOME for that.  Guys, we are playing with nearly state-of-the-art stuff
here.  Isn't that cool enough for most of you?

I'm kinda sad about AO-40 going "away" until April, but now I don't have to
get my permanent antennas up until then...in the snow.. in December... in

Fred W0FMS

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