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Fwd: Re: cutting down trees?

And my (last) 2 cents.....

No one said cutting trees is unethical....I've cut down dozens around my 
house in the past years, which saved my house from being destroyed in a 
forest fire that happened two years ago....a terrorizing ordeal.  No, what 
I did say is that changing materially the property offered for sale is 
unethical, impacting the original terms and conditions of the property that 
could result in its cancellation.

Sorry...I've only been a ham for 41 years, 'though I do recall Sputnik very 
well......thank goodness I'm not a grumpy geezer!  And I defended for 26 
years your (and everyone else's) right to free speech, so go right 
ahead......  :-)

Now, back to AMSAT related items.....

73 de Joe  WL7M
Colonel, USAF (Ret)

>At 06:11 AM 03-12-01, you wrote:
>>On Monday 03 December 2001 06:56, WALTER G OBENHOFER wrote:
>> > Never mind all those Wise guys,  Experts, Flower children who find
>> > cutting trees " UNETHICAL ",
>>That's not what I said, Walter. The ethical and legal issues I was
>>talking about involved delvering property in a different condition from
>>how it was offered for sale.
>>The same principle would apply to a wall, building or other structure
>>attached to the property. It has nothing to do with trees as such. I
>>had a tree cut down here on *my* property last spring, it was diseased
>>and falling down. I had to move some wire antennas out of it. But if it
>>suits me to cut down *all* the trees on my property I shall do so.
>> > The trees are infringing on " MY RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH ".
>>Ah, I'll tear down any of my neighbor's houses that interfere with my
>>"right to free speech" then; I'd really like a clear shot at the
>>horizon. :-) Or does my free speech only count if I'm a grumpy old man
>>who remebers Sputnik? :-)
>>  73 de Maggie K3XS, who *does* recall Sputnik and heard the Explorer I
>>downlink (although she was in kindergarden at the time), and logged
>>QSOs on AO-40 the first day of transponder operation.

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