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Re: cutting down trees?

On Monday 03 December 2001 06:56, WALTER G OBENHOFER wrote:

> Never mind all those Wise guys,  Experts, Flower children who find
> cutting trees " UNETHICAL ",

That's not what I said, Walter. The ethical and legal issues I was 
talking about involved delvering property in a different condition from 
how it was offered for sale. 
The same principle would apply to a wall, building or other structure 
attached to the property. It has nothing to do with trees as such. I 
had a tree cut down here on *my* property last spring, it was diseased 
and falling down. I had to move some wire antennas out of it. But if it 
suits me to cut down *all* the trees on my property I shall do so. 
> The trees are infringing on " MY RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH ".

Ah, I'll tear down any of my neighbor's houses that interfere with my 
"right to free speech" then; I'd really like a clear shot at the 
horizon. :-) Or does my free speech only count if I'm a grumpy old man 
who remebers Sputnik? :-)

 73 de Maggie K3XS, who *does* recall Sputnik and heard the Explorer I 
downlink (although she was in kindergarden at the time), and logged 
QSOs on AO-40 the first day of transponder operation.

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