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Re: 440 pre-amp suggestions for TS-2000 suggestions?


If you can't find a suitable externally-powered preamp, it's usually
not that hard to convert one from coax to external.  I have a 435
preamp (brand unknown) that was powered through the coax from my
Yaesu 736R.  But, when I added a brick amp to the rig (just to tease
LEILA ;-), that broke the DC power path.  So I opened up the preamp
and found where the power was tapped off the coax and fed it outside
through a pass-through cap.  The internal power tap is generally the
same on most units - an inductor from the preamp output with a cap
going to ground.  Take the inductor off the output line and tie it
over to the external pass-through cap.

Good luck & 73s,

Greg  KO6TH

>Unfortunately, the TS-2000 does not power pre-amps through the coax, so I'm
>looking for suggestions for externally powered switching 435 preamps, or
>systems that come with the power inserters.

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