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Re: cutting down trees?

On Sunday 02 December 2001 23:13, sco@sco-inc.com wrote in "Re: 
[amsat-bb] cutting down trees?":

> guess you don't do much real estate work. A friend once made the
> mistake of going to the closing without going by the property on the
> way. The sales contract specifies what is being sold. Usually it
> talks about the buildings and fixtures and such, but not landscaping
> unless specifically added to the contract.

Hmmph. Maybe things are done a little differently in Alaska. Down here 
every standard agreement for the sale of real estate I've ever seen 
(including the one governing the purchase of the home I'm writing from) 
included the language "Included...are all existing items permanently 
installed in the Property...including plumbing, heating, lighting 
fixtures....shrubbery, plantings and unpotted trees...". 

I suppose this is a good reason to hire someone with the right skills 
to run such a transaction. I do agree one should not *assume* such 
language is in the contract, and using a standard contract as a basis 
helps avoid this sort of thing. An inspection on closing day is an 
absolute must as well, by the buyer or her local agent if she cannot be 
present at closing. 

Firewood is one thing. Washers, driers and refrigerators are not 
permanently installed. Once I was buying a house that had a lovely 
corner cupboard and chandelier installed in the dining room...before 
settlement we toured the property and noted they'd been removed; the 
cupboard had been screwed into the wall. We insisted they be restored. 
They were. 

I suppose the on-topic lesson to be learned is that hams should 
exercise caution when buying property, since they have *special* 
interests in the property...sky clearance, covenants and restrictions 
being notable.  If trees on my property had "disappeared" after the 
contract was let but before closing, there would have been hell to pay; 
and today the majority of them are serving as antenna supports. 

 73 de Maggie K3XS

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