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440 pre-amp suggestions for TS-2000 suggestions?

After a long hiatus (missed AO-13 entirely, but almost had DXCC on AO-10 when 
the station was dismantled and sold off to finance a couple of college 
educations), I'm getting back on the satellites with a new Kenwood TS-2000 fed 
by a couple of Eggbeaters for 2 and 435 to go with the Mode A receive setup 
and the Mode J Fuji-birds (By the way, is FO-20 still on the air? All I seem 
to be able to hear is FO-29, and weakly at that... hmm maybe I need a 435 
preamp!).  Next phase is an AO-10 capable antenna setup, then hopefully AO-40, 
but that's getting ahead of myself.

Unfortunately, the TS-2000 does not power pre-amps through the coax, so I'm 
looking for suggestions for externally powered switching 435 preamps, or 
systems that come with the power inserters.  Of the three choices I've 

 Brand   Model          nf       gain       switching power  inserter    price
  SSB    SP-7000        0.9db    10-20db      100vox/500ptt   not incl  250.00
  ARR    MSP432VDG-160C 0.55db   16db         160vox/???ptt   incl      240.00
  Mirage KP2-440        0.6db    10-15/20-25db 100vox/???ptt  incl     179.99+
                                                         (+ = AES price)
the Mirage seems to have good gain and noise figure specs, and would certainly 
handle the 100w from the transceiver. Price advantage is obvious, too. 

Anyone have any information that would indicate that I shouldn't buy the 
Mirage?  Experience, even anecdotal, is appreciated - right now, building my 
own isn't an option due to time and equipment constraints, so it's piecing the 
appliances together for me for the time being.

All suggestions appreciated!

73 Wayne N5WD

R. Wayne Day, Lic-P   Fort Worth, Texas, USA
n5wd@earthlink.net  rday@northwest.k12.tx.us
Health Science Technology  Instr/Coordinator
Northwest High School, Justin,Tex Go Texans!
-------------------- 73 de N5WD ------------

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