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Re: cutting down trees?

At 05:32 PM 12/2/2001 , you wrote:
>I have to say that I agree with Margaret.....as a contracting officer for 
>30 years, this constitutes a material change to the conditions of the 
>contract.  NOT advisable unless you can handle the lawsuit or cancellation 
>of the contract.  Property must be in the same condition as when the 
>contract was let, otherwise it is renogtiable and/or revocable.  Proceed 

guess you don't do much real estate work. A friend once made the mistake of 
going to the closing without going by the property on the way. The sales 
contract specifies what is being sold. Usually it talks about the buildings 
and fixtures and such, but not landscaping unless specifically added to the 
contract. This property had hundreds of trees, mostly hardwoods. The real 
estate agent for this property took every thing that was not nailed down 
between the Friday when the neighbor moved and the Tuesday of the 
closing.  The neighbors left the old furniture and washer/dryer, refrig, 
etc. It was all gone by the time the new neighbor moved in. Bet it was not 
included in the sales contract. Buyer BEWARE. What you see may not be what 
you get unless it is listed in the contract. Even the huge pile of firewood 
was gone.

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