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AO-40 Is Just Not Any Fun

I have two separate AO-40 capable stations at two different QTHs...funny but
I just haven't been interested in getting on the bird lately. Why? It's just
not fun.

We've succeeded (with the intervention of fate) in insisting upon the higher
frequencies...no more Mode B...but when we had Mode B AO-13 was fun and
exciting. We had lots of activity on the downlink and new ops coming online
all the time.

The complaint heard is that 2 meters is "too crowded in most parts of the
world." This is bunk. The problem for ham radio is that we are losing
frequencies - we should fight for and overcrowd all of our bands!

When we had Mode B the sat was fun. Now we're going into "hiatus" until
April. Great. What will be left then when what's left of AO-40 is turned on
again? The techies have won, but the prize ain't worth a plug nickel.

Jim Kelly, TCA 99-49842, ARS KK3K

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