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RE: Kenwood TH-F6A all mode HT


> But before I make such a purchase/commitment, I want to hear from someone
> that has used the handheld TH-F6A in SSB mode on the VHF and UHF bands...

I bought one a couple of months ago. It's now the radio I take with me
everywhere. My 'go everywhere rig' was an IC-T81, but I hardly ever used 6m
or 23cm with it, although I often used the FM broadcast band receiving
capabilities. Having the TH-F6A's wideband all mode RX is more useful to me
than 6m or 23cm TX on an HT.

I find the RX very sensitive. My test on VHF is to try to hear a 2m CW
beacon 30 miles away in various parts of my basement apartment. It's the
most sensitive radio I have used yet.

The next test is to use it for a few weeks in the car driving in and out of
work and see what it's like in the usual strong signal areas of Central
London. No better or worse than any other radio IMHO. (FWIW, in case you
ever needed to know, 'places to avoid in London' due to strong sigs are, in
decreasing order: Hyde Park Corner, Birdcage Walk at the Buckingham Palace
end, Piccadilly Circus, Knightsbridge Barracks, Gresham Street in the City,
Victoria Embankment and Lancaster Gate).

On the sats, as long as you don't mind half duplex operation, it will
resolve FM sats down to 5kHz [less if you can work out the intermediate
steps using 6.25 and 12.5kHz steps]. Lower step sizes are not available in

However, less impressive is the SSB resolution for Ham purposes. Not only is
the SSB filter bandwidth wide [to be fair, Kenwood acknowledge this], it's
also rather unstable particularly on 70cm, making readability on FO-20 &
FO-29 rather difficult. It's possible, I've done it, but it's rather raspy,
I would guess due to the inaccuracy and noise on the LO. Certainly it's hard
work. Now you know why it won't resolve SSB beyond 70cm...

A nice feature is the built in ferrite bar antenna for AM operation.

73 Howard G6LVB

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