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Re: AO40 user population

On Sunday 02 December 2001 00:04, kevin schuchmann wrote:
> while the asbestos shorts are still on... hehe

Not picking on you Kevin , just my personal observation brought on by your 
posting :^}
First thing that should be printed at the beginning of anything to do with 
amateur satellite work is , "this facet of the hobby is very interesting but 
demanding and challenging , if you enjoy a good challenge and desire to learn 
something in the process then dive in , but if you in any way think this part 
of the hobby is "plug-n-play" , then please don't dive in , you will be 
seriously dissappointed . Keep your expectations low and you will be happy 
with what you learn ."
I think that would take care of those folks who don't really want to deal 
with failure and success both .

>    so for my 2 cents I think a quality 2.4 downlink is hard to get and the
> novelty of AO40 is starting to wear off, if you have the big dish or the
> hot setup or your a 2.4ghz genius then it is loads of fun to ragchew for
> hours or work stations with ease and you will stay active for a long
> time... but if your eating s7  noise and/or stations are only a couple s
> units above that noise level it gets old fast... it was one thing to get on
> with drakes,trans,and cal amps, real cheap and have some quick fun.... but
> for the long haul I think your gonna need a good sized dish, a good feed,
> preamp and a decent dc...and I am not knocking any of those dc's btw, but
> not everyone has the skill to open them up and tweak them to be top
> performers.. so I think people have gotten frustrated and are starting to
> bail....

Unfortunately in the modern world of instant gratification being the desired 
norm , it is unfortunate that amateur radio still requires some work to get 
that reward and it hardly ever is instant , this said I find it sad that so 
many people expected this to be plug-n-play , I never got that impression .
And I can say that I still as of yet to make a single satellite contact and I 
have been an amsat supporting member for almost ten years now .
I have slowly built up a receiving station because since I have been an 
amateur I have always known that "if you can't hear 'em you can't work 'em" , 
so am trying to make my receiving station top notch so that I don't have to 
battle to hear who I am talking to ......

As far as expense there are soo many ways to go about getting on the air , it 
just depends again on how much work you are willing to put into it , I have 
been puttzing around with four different kinds of converters since I don't 
feel that any one of them is perfect for what I want , I want to see what 
each of them will do for me , so of course it has taken time for me to 
modify/build them and try them all out , and since I don't have as much time 
for amateur radio as I would like that is one reason that my time frame is a 
bit longer to that first contact then most of you speed demons out there ;^}
I knew full well when I got into satellites that I would most likely end up 
spending a load of money on goodies to make it all play , but instead I have 
waited and things have come to me bit by bit at fairly good prices , so if 
you just want to go out and buy it all "off the shelf" then you are going to 
end up paying a load , but if you wait for those used/surplus deals and the 
kits that have come out , you won't be as disappointed I think .

I enjoy the pool of knowledge we have on the amsat-bb , it is totally awsome 
that we have so many great heads out there who are willing to impart their 
knowledge on the rest of us mere mortals ( thanks gals and guys your all 
fantastic ) .

So if you are having troubles Kevin don't lose hope , you just need to be 
persistant and it will come .
I don't think I would enjoy this part of the hobby if it were easier , and my 
vote is for more satellites with mode S and L , since the antenna's are 
smaller and will fit into my tiny lot ;^}
Its also easier to make filters to eliminate 2X/3X harmonic interference , so 
your tx doesn't bother your rx , and  there is too much interference on 2M 
and 70cm in my area to be useable anyway ( the noise floor is horrendous ).

Sorry for the long post , I just feel that folks should hang in there and 
keep trying but work on your receive setup , it really is what is most 
important with any facet of amateur radio ......

73 all
Douglas Cole N7BFS
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