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Kenwood TH-F6A all mode HT

As Xmas looms and I wanna buy a new rig, I really want to get the tiny 2m,
220, 440, HF, SSB HT from Kenwood.

In my shirt pocket then I can demo RX on just about everything that HAM
radio has to offer and TX on about half of  it..

* HF, SSB, CW, Shortwave receive
* HF packet (with a laptop) receive
* PSK-31 (with a laptop) receive
* normal FM on 2m and 440
* The 220 band
* APRS and all other VHF/UHF packet (Laptop with soundcard)
* RX/TX on the analog satellites RS-13, RS-15, FO-20, FO-29, LO-19 CW
* AO-10 RX and CW TX  near perogee
* AO-40 with portable BBQ dish and donwconverter

*** But so far, I still have not heard any comments from anyone on
AMSAT-BB about how well the SSB works on VHF/UHF for say FO-20/29.

I only got one chance to listen for FO-20/29 for a few minutes in the
parking lot at the AMSAT conference and heard nothing.  We may have been
doing something wrong.  But the radio produced full passband noise when
placed in UHF SSB mode and I have since found out that the 1st RF amp has
no AGC so it always runs wide open (but I can deal with this by only using
an antenna suitable for the power level I want to lsiten to.)

But before I make such a purchase/commitment, I want to hear from someone
that has used the handheld TH-F6A in SSB mode on the VHF and UHF bands...


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