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Combined Federal Campaign

Prompted by the email (and subsequent flurry of emails) on the amsat-bb from
Ray, WB3ABM, I investigated the potential for AMSAT to be included in the
Combined Federal Campaign.

In order to do so, it would need to qualify as a national organization.  The
application procedure and form does not seem onerous.  It appears AMSAT
would meet all of the qualifying criteria.  The one qualification that
concerned me was that under Sec. 950.203 (a) (1) of the regulations that
states in part:

"Certify that the organization is a human health and welfare organization
providing services, benefits, or assistance to, or conducting activities
affecting, human health and welfare."

A review of the 2002 National Eligibility list indicates that a broad
definition of this provision has been followed.  For example, American
Horticultutal Society, Ducks Unlimited, Gun Owners Association, and the U.S.
Fencing Association all qualify.  I would view these as organizations
supporting avocations similar to AMSAT.  It appears the eligibility wording
is taken from IRS Sec. 501(c)(3) and any such organization would be
eligible.  It should be noted that ARRL is not on the list, probably because
of it's spending for lobbying  which would make it ineligible.  I confirmed
with treasurer, Art Feller, W4ART, that we do not have such expense.

Once an organization is qualified on the National List, it only makes it
eligible to be included in the solicitation.  Every contributor to the fund
designates the organizations and amounts he wishes to contribute.  If a
contributor fails to designate, his contribution is divided up based on the
aggregate of designated contributions.

I have undertaken to review this only from the standpoint of whether we
would qualify and find we would.  Whether we should do so, and whether if we
did so we would end up with much in the way of designated contributions are
matters which should be properly addressed by the officers and board.  I
therefore submit my recommendation that participation be formally

If AMSAT decides to proceed, it appears the application for 2002 must be
filed by the end of January.  Probably our accounting firm would be the
proper folks to prepare and application.

Respectfully submitted,

Malcolm M. Preston, NP2L, CPA
Member Bizdev Committee


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