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RE: AO-40 lite activity

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> As far as one has to spend to much money to get on AO-40 is BULL.
> look around in your shack and tell me that you have not spent more
> money on getting on H.F. or other parts of the hobby (packet tnc, atv,
> rotors, antennas, computers, tunners, dsp, ect. ect. ect) than what
> it would take to get on AO-40 S-band.

In my opinion, you are only partially correct.  Yes, you can get on AO-40
in a cheap way, provided you ALREADY HAVE the VHF and UHF equipment.
If you are just starting out, it adds a considerable amount to the start-up
cost.  Furthermore, unless you spend a sum of money equal to the price
of a good used H.F. rig, your S-band downlink will be less than optimal.
Yes, I know you did it for $0.25.  But not everybody can, and isn't that
the point here.  When it gets to the point where everybody can do it
just as you did, then there will be more activity.  I got on AO-40 for
about $200.  But I am not happy with it.  And to get it really working, I
will need to spend at least that much again.  I am not sure I want to do
that right now.  So I don't get on much.

OTOH, expending the same amount of money on H.F. gear almost guarantees
success.  Any folks I Elmer, I recommend them to get on H.F. as soon as they
can.  I have two loaner rigs that are available.  Why?  Because they can
toss a hunk of wire on the roof and find somebody to talk to 24/7.  No
matter what you put up, you will never attain such a success rate with
any satellite, present or future, unless it is geo-sync.  Most people want
a certain level of success in a hobby.  Which investment do you think
will provide them the better return?

> I for one will not question our Great AO-40 command teams ability in
> commanding AO-40 and there reasons for what they do and when
> they do it,

No question there.  They are great.  I bet they could make chicken soup
out of chicken s--t.

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