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AO-40 lite activity

One thought on why the activity has dropped off on AO-40, I think at the
beginning when the life of AO-40 was in question we all used it like there
would not be another orbit to work it.  Now that we feel like there will be
many years of usable orbits to work AO-40 we all are more relaxed in getting
on for every hour that it is in veiw.

As far as one has to spend to much money to get on AO-40 is BULL. look
around in your shack and tell me that you have not spent more money on
getting on HF or other parts of the hobby (packet tnc, atv, rotors,
antennas, computers, tunners, dsp, ect. ect. ect) than what it would take to
get on AO-40 S-band.

I for one will not question our Great AO-40 command teams ability in
commanding AO-40 and there reasons for what they do and when they do it, as
they have saved "our" satellite from doom in the beginning, heck NASA could
not have done a better job.

As requested by the command team to copy tlm during bad off pointing how
many of you are going to help with gathering tlm.

Greg Wycoff
QHT:Conway Springs, Ks.
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