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Re: Where Does Doppler Occur?

At 10:58 PM 12/1/2001 -0500, Douglas Braun NA1DB wrote:
>Before bringing out out too much Special Relativity to describe
>this issue, remember that the Doppler Effect also happens with
>sound waves, to which relativity does not apply.  

Indeed. But despite my use of a couple of relativity buzzwords,
I didn't invoke Special Relativity or any other non-classical effects
in my explanation. Everything I said is equally applicable to sound
waves, such as the favorite "train whistle" example.

> Also, unlike
> electromagnetic radiation, sound has an absolute frame of
> reference: the air through which it travels. 

It's not as absolute as all that. Consider two trains on parallel
tracks. It's an obvious convenient choice of reference frame,
like the Earth-centered one I used, but no more absolute.

73  -Paul

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