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RE: AO40 user population

Joe wrote:

		I think our (AO-40's) higher orbit has dampened the easy mode S efforts
		as well.  In the July/August 1993, AMSAT Journal G3RUH published an article
		about how a 16 turn helix worked out okay for SSB at apogee on AO-13.  Is
		this not better performance than we are seeing on AO-40?  

Wayne replies:

I think the rosy pre-flight predictions all assumed the best-case situation of zero off-pointing angle and S1 antenna.  Off-pointing angle and antenna gain make a much bigger difference than a 50% higher apogee.  3-axis might partially solve the off-pointing problem and make near-perigee operation very practical for people with marginal 2400 MHz receiving systems.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Beijing, China
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