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Re: AO40 user population

while the asbestos shorts are still on... hehe

as a relative newbie to sat ops... when I first got on AO40, I used a
transystem dc with a 3x2 bbq grill, copy was difficult, the background hiss
was high, the beacon was loud enough but it was rough to make qso's all the
time... tweaking on the trans cutting stubs changing filters things got
better, got to work s1 one time, wow what a difference,I could have stopped
tweaking right there........ but s2 is all we have now... not happy with the
setup I kept tweaking,a 52 element loop antenna,a  helix, anything for a
better signal till now I have a 3' solid dish, g3ruh patch feed demi preamp
and demi dc, beacon is very good horizon to horizon, most qso's are easy, I
can hear the xpondr noise floor most of the time...what works the best is my
4.5' dish, but it doesn't track yet....
    the point of all of this is that I went through allot of pain and money
and time to hear halfway well.... on a good pass I can copy myself ok
running 6 watts up on 435 and I can call cq for 30 mins and never get an
answer, go to 30 watts and I get reply's and Leila, and btw I have never
ever been as loud as the beacon or even close,beacon s9 I will be around s5,
but let me tell you Leila gets annoying sometimes and down right frustrating
when you get nailed, especially when your  running only 6 watts....the big
dish boys are the only ones who say I am loud and so I can cut back on
power, most other stations say I'm just above their  noise or weak but
ok.....    so what's the point you ask? I think a disservice is being done
and I am not blaming anyone but I think assumptions were made on what a
reasonable setup would be for S1 operation,when S1 went south nothing seemed
to change, I don't remember seeing a note or an article that said "everyone
heads up, with s1 down you will all need to REALLY improve your receiving
setup, probably allot and here is the recommended minimum", I didnt see any
companies pull a product and say  we will be back after we beef it up...
instead  I still see the same helix in a radome (come on didn't you chuckle
when you saw W1AW putting up a helix by itself), I still see 2' square bbq
grills still being sold and think anyone buying that level of equipment is
going to have a real hard time and be frustrated...it will work but it wont
be easy..... how many people hear stations tuning all over the passband
trying to find themselves? or people calling cq and running big signals but
they cant hear squat...hearing is everything on this bird...
   so for my 2 cents I think a quality 2.4 downlink is hard to get and the
novelty of AO40 is starting to wear off, if you have the big dish or the hot
setup or your a 2.4ghz genius then it is loads of fun to ragchew for hours
or work stations with ease and you will stay active for a long time... but
if your eating s7  noise and/or stations are only a couple s units above
that noise level it gets old fast... it was one thing to get on with
drakes,trans,and cal amps, real cheap and have some quick fun.... but for
the long haul I think your gonna need a good sized dish, a good feed, preamp
and a decent dc...and I am not knocking any of those dc's btw, but not
everyone has the skill to open them up and tweak them to be top performers..
so I think people have gotten frustrated and are starting to bail....

sorry for the long rant....
     but one more thing, is there a technical reason why Leila isn't on mode
L? I have heard "well there isn't enough people on L to make it
worthwhile..." heck one person running the same level as the beacon makes it
worthwhile.... its a real rub to be stuck on 70cm dealing with a radar/fm
whacked out Leila  with the agc pumping and everyone  taking a dive except
for one station having a great time on L,I think if it is going to be on one
band it should be on both or neither... but hey what do I know ... I am the
newbie :)

p.s. I don't know where this posting bug came from but if I find it I
promise I will kill it...
kevin WA6FWF

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