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It Works! Thanks!!

Having just finished putting together my satellite dish antenna, aiming it 
heavenward, and actually hearing AO40 booming in, I want to thank toe 
following people:

Mark, N0NSV - Donating an old PrimeStar dish and arranging to have it 
shipped to Alaska
Don, W4VQA - Helping scrounge some support arms for the dish
Gunther, W8GSM - Encouragement and suggestions on design of the feed and 
support structure
Ed, AL7EB - Encouragement and technical advice
Mike, WL7BQM - Loan of a temporary antenna, and encouragement over a cup of 
James, G3RUH - For producing a great patch feed

And many others on this reflector!!

In true Alaskan ham fashion, I didn't get everything I needed to put up the 
antenna until the temperature reached a satisfactory 5 degrees (fahrenheit) 
above zero, the wind was blowing about 20 mph,  and there was snow on the 
ground.  Only then, after putting it together in my garage,  I took it 
outside, climbed up the tower, and installed it.  After a few trips up and 
down the tower for minor adjustments, I headed to the shack and fired up 
the rigs.  Wow!!  It worked!!!

Not only did it work, but the beacon signal was LOUD!!  Peaks were running 
S9.  Not bad for the squint angle and slant range from Alaska.  I fired up 
the transmitter and found my signal on the bird, then called CQ.....there 
lies the sad part....despite having a significantly loud signal to unleash 
Leila, no one answered my CQ.....in fact, I could hear no other QSOs on the 
band except for one between two JA stations who went QRT before I could 
give them a call.

Nonetheless, I'm amazed what some scrounging and "elmering" can do....I'm 
looking forward to picking up some new ones on satellite.....and hope that 
before the sun angle takes AO40 away in a few weeks, that I can enjoy the 
efforts and advice of so many people who have helped me get on the air.

Thanks to everyone involved!  I know I've omitted two names who also helped 
me track down some support arms for the dish...I regret that I've lost 
their e-mail addresses or I would have proudly mentioned their names and 
calls as well......my apologies for the omission.

73 and see you on the bird!
Fritz Creek, Alaska

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