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RE: AO-40, 802.11 Wireless Ethernet Test

Hello Don

> ...directly conflict with the AO-40 passband. I am pleased to tell
> you that in my case there was no interference.

This is also my experience.

What's of some interest is the interference to video senders in the 2.4GHz
ISM band caused by 802.11 devices.

I can't help but feel that the increasing use (or over-use) of this global
ISM band will first see major complaints coming from the consumers when they
discover that these devices are incompatible.

I have yet to try interference from Bluetooth devices on my config - I have
a Bluetooth phone and laptop, but the YL has 'borrowed' the phone
semi-permanently so my tests are delayed. Interestingly my laptop has both
802.11 and Bluetooth OEM fitted, but it doesn't seem possible to run them
simultaneously - the software prevents it even though they're physically.
I've seen comments on ZDNet that this is due to an FCC dictate, but I do
wonder if this might be disinformation, and it's simply that the vendors
can't get them to work together.

73 Howard G6LVB

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