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CFC Good heavens why not?

I have read very little of the conversation on this topic here on the -bb,
however I can not go on without putting in my two cents.

A charitable organization or 501(c)3 is one that, it is felt, does good
works in their field and thus is given the tax free status by the IRS and
thus the donations to that organization are tax deductible.

One of the foremost considerations of such an organization is :"do they
perform educational activities in their field?" While AMSAT has a specific
nitch universe, it does in fact provide a massive educational effort. Think
about this: Our members go into schools and open the eyes of young students
to the world of satellite communications. It is a distinct possibility that
we will turn some of them on to the concept and they will pursue that
interest as an adult and perhaps become an astronaut or a space engineer, or
a great writer of science fiction. It only takes a small spark to ignite to
interest of a young person.

In addition, AMSAT serves as a clearing house for the exchange of
information about satellite communications with the -bb, literature,
relationships with AMSAT organizations worldwide.

Having started and been on the boards of many 501(c)3s I will tell you there
is not an organization any more worthy of the designation and our charitable
support, and that of the CFC, or any other organization or fund who's
members wish to view AMSAT as their charity.

Support AMSAT! It does great works on behalf of our interests, and the
future of our nitch, through education.

Gunther Meisse

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