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Garden shack

Several people I've talked to, from and about my garden shack have
asked for some pictures, and for them, here they are:


Shows the inverted Primestar dish, CAL amp converter,
homebrew pre-amp (DEM kit, vintage 1996), and wx sealed homebrew patch,
homebrew 11 element yagi for 435 uplink.  Costs about $75.


Shows the 25 watt Kenwood Tr851 uplink, Hamtronics 145 to 10M converter,
and RS 10 M receiver..in a Rubbermaid tool shed.  Other than the shed,
present value is about $300.  AO40 is expensive???

I've made dozens of contacts, tho the purpose of the entire set-up is
to develop antennas (feeds, uplinks, etc.)

We'll be using the set-up "live" at our next North Shores ARC meeting, to
which we've invited all the clubs, and any others that may be interested.
There is more interest in amateur satellites (particularly AO40) in the greater
San Diego area than in all of the 26 years we've been back here...

We should get a lot of support for "JJ"!!!!

Stay away from the government "freebies"...someone else is always sharing
the buck!!

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....
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