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@Home/COX Cable UPDATE!


A partial correction is in order.

Whilst Excite@Home is bankrupt and the judge did allow for the shutdown
of the network, the network is still up as they (AT&T, Comcast and Cox)
negotiate with the creditors. Cox has provided for a temp solution (albeit
dial-up) to netzero in the event the network does go dark.

I am an @Work user which means I need the bandwidth for work. I use
nothing else (such as mail, DNS, proxy etc) servers.

So, as of 11:35PST they are still up. I highly doubt Cox, AT&T and Comcast
will let the network go down.

If they do, nasty notes are nice but what if 4 Million of us cancelled our
cable TV contracts? I, like many Cox customers also use the cable TV
system. So, lets put a little pressure on Cox and give them a reason to
make sure they live up to there end of the bargin!

Mike (KF6MPI)

At 10:14 AM 12/1/2001, Frederick M. Spinner wrote:
>They supposedly have been running on a $6 million/week loss for some time 
>and the creditors shut them down.
>The thing that is so annoying is that it wasn't publically announced until 
>last night at about 6 PM CDT and I just happened to be one of the lucky 
>ones that got my webpages before they were "court ordered" into the 
>ether.  Yes they are gone now.  I think they could have given four million 
>customers some warning? Maybe a week?  I think @Home users should find out 
>who those creditors were so we can refrain from doing business with 
>them.  The @Home users are as much victims as they are...Maybe write that 
>judge 4 million nasty notes as well.
>In general, in the US, did September 11 give us all the right to not have 
>any common sense anymore?
>My @home e-mail account is gone as well as the website.  Not a big deal 
>for me as the e-mail service was so bad at times I didn't use it. My wife 
>did though, but through a reflector thankfully.  As far as the webpages, 
>I'll need to find somewhere else to host the pages, maybe QSL.net or 
>something as the machine that they are temporarily on isn't really a good 
>place for personal webpages.
>I still have the high speed networking here at home, but I heard rumours 
>already that it'll be down by Monday.  Again, I hope not.  If so I guess 
>I'll save $45/month and just internet from work.
>Fred W0FMS
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>>What's up with @home?  Don't use it, but some DX friends do.
>>Of course, if it is turned off you may never see this.....
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>> > In case @Home does indeed cease operations tonight as was
>> > ordered by a Judge tonight in CA,
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