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RE: @Home pages/W0FMS Ham Pages

They supposedly have been running on a $6 million/week loss for some time 
and the creditors shut them down.

The thing that is so annoying is that it wasn't publically announced until 
last night at about 6 PM CDT and I just happened to be one of the lucky ones 
that got my webpages before they were "court ordered" into the ether.  Yes 
they are gone now.  I think they could have given four million customers 
some warning? Maybe a week?  I think @Home users should find out who those 
creditors were so we can refrain from doing business with them.  The @Home 
users are as much victims as they are...Maybe write that judge 4 million 
nasty notes as well.

In general, in the US, did September 11 give us all the right to not have 
any common sense anymore?

My @home e-mail account is gone as well as the website.  Not a big deal for 
me as the e-mail service was so bad at times I didn't use it. My wife did 
though, but through a reflector thankfully.  As far as the webpages, I'll 
need to find somewhere else to host the pages, maybe QSL.net or something as 
the machine that they are temporarily on isn't really a good place for 
personal webpages.

I still have the high speed networking here at home, but I heard rumours 
already that it'll be down by Monday.  Again, I hope not.  If so I guess 
I'll save $45/month and just internet from work.

Fred W0FMS

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>Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2001 04:11:12 -0000
>What's up with @home?  Don't use it, but some DX friends do.
>Of course, if it is turned off you may never see this.....
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> > In case @Home does indeed cease operations tonight as was
> > ordered by a Judge tonight in CA,

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