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Re: AMSAT & Combined Federal Campaign

on 11/30/01 5:57 PM, Robert McGwier at rwmcgwier@home.com wrote:

> As a former board member and long time AMSAT supporter,
> I could not possibly agree more with those board members
> who believe AMSAT is not worthy of these dollars.  How
> in the name of all that is worthy we can equate the small
> segment of a small segment (special interest group inside
> a special interest group) with (say) Womanspace which
> protects battered women and their children is totally
> beyond me (or the American Cancer Society or American
> Heart Association or the Red Cross) .  I would be ashamed
> to be associated with such a thing and believe we should
> turn away from this horrible, lame brained idea as fast
> as possible.


I hope you don't donate any money to Amsat, ARRL or any other ham radio
group.  After all, it could be spent elsewhere on more "worthy" causes.

Last time I looked though, amateur radio was involved in some pretty
important humanitarian causes:

1.) Hurricane Disaster Relief
2.) Tornado Disaster Relief
3.) Relief during the 9-11 terrorist attack
4.) We provide communications support for charity events in our local
5.) We talk to school children via satellite.
6.) We've built satellites to aid doctors in remote jungles (heard of
7.) We provide missionaries and other foreign "bush" works with means of
communication with loved ones back home.
8.) We help heal divisions in the world by communicating with people from
other countries and being ambassadors of America.  We talk to others and
find they aren't so different from us and want the same things as us.

Specific in our charter from the FCC is that part of being an amateur radio
operator is to be in public service.  Again, sounds pretty important to me.

Sheesh.  Looking at that list, I think getting money donated from federal
coffers is a darn good thing just so long as they don't stipulate what is
done with us and regulate us as a result.

Frankly, I am insulted that you think Amsat is not worth nor humanitarian.



Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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