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microsats & cubesats

My answer on James message:

It is very attractive to make an microsats or cubesat for amateur use.
Unfortunatly these satellites are very small. Cubesats are
10x10x10cm, what makes very little space to put some elektronics in, and 
only very little solar power.

These sats are very good for some basic measurments, like temperature 
measurments. As FM transponder you can forget it. This would require to much 
battery/solar power, to get an reasonable downlink when using FM. An analog 
transponder would be possible but then the elektronic problems will make 
many amateurs quit :-(

Maybe in the future it will be easier to travel into space, and we just take 
minisats with us as extra bagage and trow it out of the shuttle-window .-)

73 de PE1RAH, William

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