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Re: AMSAT & Combined Federal Campaign


     I have nothing but deep respect for you and the contribution you have
made to the amateur satellite community.  I use QuikTrak for my satellite
tracking even as we speak.  The list of CFC charities contains just about
every kook group known to man as well as the worthy and respectable
organizations you have mentioned (and many other worthy and respectable
groups).  I see no reason to not add our group of kooks to the list.

     All of the dollars in question are money people choose to give.  Who a
person chooses to give to is their own business.  How in the name of all
that is worthy can we justify giving any money to AMSAT or devoting any
money to amateur radio when there are children starving in the world, people
dying in wars or from disease.  Every dollar I have spent on radios or given
to AMSAT is a dollar I could have given to the Cancer Society.  I have lost
the moral high ground by being a ham.  It is something I chose to do.  Maybe
deep down I believe that it is okay and worth while to devote some of my
time, energy and money to amateur radio and AMSAT.  What is wrong with
giving more people the opportunity to do the same.

     The CFC book would also give AMSAT some exposure in an area it has not
gotten exposure in the past.  True, the money not designated is given to all
the listed organizations.  It is given to them  based on how much of the
designated money they received.  If you get .001% of the designated funds
you will get .001% of the non-designated donations.  When I was a local CFC
chairman (years ago) none of the money donated in our area was undesignated.
The big CFC winner every year is the United Way.  They generally receive the
lion's share of the money.  Often it is interesting to see how they divide
the money up  (you might be surprised!)

     I hope you know that I think nothing less of you because we disagree
(there is nothing wrong with an honest difference of opinion).

73 from the other point of View,

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> As a former board member and long time AMSAT supporter,
> I could not possibly agree more with those board members
> who believe AMSAT is not worthy of these dollars.  How
> in the name of all that is worthy we can equate the small
> segment of a small segment (special interest group inside
> a special interest group) with (say) Womanspace which
> protects battered women and their children is totally
> beyond me (or the American Cancer Society or American
> Heart Association or the Red Cross) .  I would be ashamed
> to be associated with such a thing and believe we should
> turn away from this horrible, lame brained idea as fast
> as possible.
> Bob McGwier
> N4HY
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