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>Anyone know the status of A0-40 Rudak. Have been unable to pick up the 96K
>down link via my TNC3S for awhile.

Testing of various hardware and software continues during most passes 
visible from the central US and occasionally over other parts of the 
world.  As a result the RUDAK downlinks 2401.747 and 2401.867 may or may 
not be on depending on what is being worked on.  Other downlinks are not 
being used at present.
The general status is as follows:
This phase of GPS testing has concluded.  Several MB of data files were 
sent to the GPS group at GSFC and they have analyzed the data.  The bottom 
line is that enough signals were received using the apogee side receiver to 
conclude that in the future it should be possible to do navigation using 
GPS from above the constellation.  However the spin of AO-40 prevented a 
fix from being obtained because signal levels fluctuated due to the 
blocking of signals at times by other antennas on the satellite.  We hope 
to post the details of those results to amsat.org soon.  Additional GPS 
work will take place after three axis stabilization.
Currently our attention is focused on working some software issues.
The next phase of testing will involve CEDEX and SCOPE operations, 
hopefully prior to Christmas.


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