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Re: AMSAT & Combined Federal Campaign

At 12:34 PM 11/29/01 -0500, Arthur H Feller wrote:

>Rather than SELL things, we have decided to SUGGEST levels of DONATION 
>associated with obtaining various items.  Using this process, money 
>received by AMSAT is a free will donation and is, therefor, not subject to 
>sales tax.  You may contribute what we suggest or as much as you want and 
>it's USA tax deductible, if you deduct contributions.

I'm not a lawyer, but I can't believe that this subterfuge would ever pass 
muster in a court.  If you receive something of value at the same time you 
make a donation, the only portion of the donation that will be deductible 
is the part in excess of the actual market value of what you received.  Any 
attorney's here care to comment?

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