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Army/Navy Football tracking Event

Friday 30 Nov, PCsat will be used to track the annual Army/Navy Game
Football run with communications provided by the USNA Radio club, W3ADO.
The run begins at 7 AM Friday EST (1200z).  GPS positions via 144.39 and
PCsat will feed the WEB page below showing the live position of the ball
as pairs of mids run the ball all day and then night 130 miles from
Annapolis, MD to Philly arriving by 7 AM Sat for the game.


Also our 2nd satellite (a joint USNA/Wash-U project)  will be transmitting
a voice message on its downlink of 437.1 MHz during its 6 daily passes
over the USA...  Here are all the Pass times:

----- ----- ------
2137z 16:37 Sapphire Voice 437.1
2200z 17:00 PCsat
2320z 18:20 ISS 145.8, Sapphire voice 437.1
2343z 18:40 PCsat
0050z 19:50 ISS
0105z 20:05 Sapphire voice 437.1
0130z 20:30 PCsat
0230z 21:30 ISS
0255z 21:55 Sapphire voice 437.1
0410z 23:10 ISS
0443z 23:43 Sapphire voice 437.1
0505z 00:05 PCsat
0545z 00:45 ISS
0625z 01:25 Sapphire voice 437.1
0650z 01:50 PCsat
0720z 02:20 ISS
0810z 03:10 Sapphire voice 437.1
0830z 03:30 PCsat
0855z 03:55 ISS
0955z 04:55 Sapphire voice 437.1
1020z 05:18 PCsat

Bob Bruninga, WB4APR

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