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Starshine '2'

According to Jonathan's Space Report, No. 468,


the STS-108 launch tonight will be carring Starshine 2. Haven't seen or read 
anything about this launch with-in a launch. Does anyone know if this 
Starshine 2 carries a radio, and what the downlink might be?

Jonathan's cargo manifest estimate:
(Masses are wild guesses this time around)
Bay 1-2   Orbiter Docking System/External Airlock            1800
          3 EMU spacesuits?                                   360?
Bay 3S    Adapter beam with G-775/G-221                       200?
Bay  5    MACH-1 MPESS                                       2500?
          Starshine-2                                          39
Bay 7-12  MPLM FM2 (Raffaello) module                        9000?
Bay 13    LMC S/N 2                                          1000?
Sill      RMS arm No 303                                      410

73 Keith N4ZQ

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