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Re: appeal for amsat mail alias service

At 05:16 PM 11/28/01 -0500, you wrote:

> > The problem is that, for good reason, amsat blocks the sender's email
> >  address in posts to amsat-bb.

>I don't understand.  You just posted this to the -bb.  I hit REPLY and my
>mail client knows where to send it to.  I can see your address in the
>message.  I also see addresses in the archives in the From: line.
>Am I missing something, or does it only block the address on certain mail
>I NEVER include my email address in the body of the message to prevent "bots"
>from farming it.  And I don't subscribe at the aliases you suggest because
>it's too easy to formulate a valid address if I provide a callsign, which I
>believe I should give.

I received the above from an amsat-bb member. As always I did not 
anticipate certain things. So here is a bit more explanation which I am 
sending directly to him and also to amsat-bb.

1. I get my share of spam, but none that I am aware of comes via the 
amsat.org address.
2. Yes I posted my message to amsat-bb. Paul has established certain rules. 
Anyone can send a post to amsat-bb but if you are not a mail list 
subscriber, the message is intercepted and Paul decides whether it should 
be posted. Maybe I should not have revealed that I only look at the web 
archive, because if a lot of people did that and still posted to amsat-bb, 
he could be swamped! I try to post infrequently.
3. I am not asking anyone to change anything about the way they now post. I 
agree that your mail address should not be included in a post. That is why 
Paul blocks it. But most folks do include their ham call in the signature, 
which is what I use to find if they have an amsat.org mail alias. I also 
admit that it takes me time to do this. But I am retired and have lots of time.
4. Yes you were able to reply to me directly because YOU subscribe to the 
mail list. It is only the web archive where the addresses are blocked. 
Maybe you have never looked at the archive. I find it to be a great 
convenience. The messages are organized by thread or author etc. Yes I 
could subscribe via email and have a filter to put all messages in an amsat 
mailbox but I would not have these advantages which the web archive 
provides. The archive would not be nearly so good I think if you use a 
dialup connection to the web because I have to go back and forth between 
the archive list and each message that I look at. I read a message and then 
use the browser back button to get back to the titles. On the other hand I 
can ignore whole threads if I want to.
5. By the way I removed MY address from your reply. I can't tell whether 
you also sent the message to amsat-bb, but if you did your mail client put 
my complete address in the body of the message, the very thing you avoid 
for yourself. I removed your signature and call from this message. I have 
my mail client set up to just say 'you wrote'. I don't like having it 
repeat the sender's address for the very reasons you point out. You could 
perhaps change yours to attach only the part before the @ sign, thus 
blocking the address as the web archive does.

It is kind of complicated I guess but thanks for asking.

73, ron w8gus.

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