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appeal for amsat mail alias service

I frequently like to help someone on amsat-bb by sending a private reply to 
his/her post. I do not subscribe to the amsat-bb mail list. Instead, since 
I have a high speed internet connection I prefer to use the web archives to 
view amsat-bb.

The problem is that, for good reason, amsat blocks the sender's email 
address in posts to amsat-bb. Most folks do include their ham call at the 
end of their message. So I go to the 'mail alias lookup' link on the amsat 
home page to see if they have an amsat mail alias address that I can use to 
reach them.

I have such a mail alias (w8gus@amsat.org) even though I don't subscribe to 
the mail list. The question is why doesn't everyone who signs up for 
amsat-bb also sign up for a mail alias? Just because you sign up for such 
an alias does not mean that you will use it for your regular mail. It just 
means that once in awhile someone will be able to write you at that address.

If you have a good reason, so be it, but if not please sign up. Maybe 
someone like me will be able to help you.

thanks, ron w8gus. 

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