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Re: AMSAT & Combined Federal Campaign

In a message dated 11/28/01 12:27:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
np2l@attglobal.net writes:

> Do you know where we could find the qualification procedures for this?  It's
>  certainly worth investigating.

I've just received a message saying AMSAT is not a non-profit organization.  
I always thought it was (assumed, or had heard it somewhere, who knows?).  
Filing for non-profit status would be the first step.  Maybe someone on the 
-bb can shed some insight as to AMSAT's status and if not already non-profit, 
why not, or why it can't be pursued.

I jumped the gun!  About 10 seconds on the web site and here's the official 
answer - it's possible!

"The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (as AMSAT is officially known) was 
first formed in 1969 as a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) educational organization 
chartered in the District of Columbia, USA. "  From AMSAT.ORG under the link 
"What is AMSAT"

So let me do some further checking from the CFC end of it and find out how 
difficult the process is.  Of course, this assumes AMSAT even WANTS to get 
CFC money.  I wouldn't see any reason why not!

Ray - WB3ABN
Kingston, WA
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