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Re: Info Needed

>From: "Jack O'Mara" <jomara@erols.com>
>Hi Folks
>I just picked up a 1.2 meter offset fed dish made by Channel Master.
>I would like to compare it to my 4 foot andrews dish . What I'm
>looking for is has anyone designed a helical feed for this dish?
>If so could someone point me to the web page or where ever that
>contains this info. This will be used for the downlink of AO-40
>on S band.


Not sure if you received an answer, but my understanding on all Ku-band
direct satellite dishes is that they use the same feed/LNB's so the dish
curvature is the same regardless of size.

Tha being so a feed for any offset KU-band TVRO dish will be universally
usable.  The feed needs to have a beamwidth suitable for a dish of F/d =
0.7.  A 5-turn helix is suitable and the patch antenas discussed on the bb
should be also.

Maybe others will publish a web site shoing these.


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