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AMSAT & Combined Federal Campaign

Why isn't AMSAT-NA registered with CFC?  Heck, there's an organization for 
the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, and many other causes which seem less 
likely to be considered "worthy causes"...  I KNOW there's a whole gob of 
military and other Federal employees in the U.S. that contribute via the CFC, 
seems like an easy way for AMSAT to raise funds.  If a Federal employee were 
going to give to AMSAT anyway, why not provide an easier means to do it like 

I'm NOT in any way knocking any of the registered organizations, but some 
aren't even using the funds they collect within the U.S.  I would think this 
might make a difference to some folks.

>From all the people who just contribute to the general CFC fund, AMSAT would 
get a small slice.  Just a thought, not intended to be derogatory to the 
native Amazonians, cats, or anyone else or their causes.

For those not familiar with CFC, it is an organization established to 
facilitate charitable contributions from all U.S. Federal/Military workers by 
establishing guidelines which organizations adhere to as well as a single 
yearly fund raising drive, combined with payroll deduction and simplified 
accounting for tax exempt contributions.  The premise is that a few dollars 
out of your paycheck won't be missed, and thousands of organizations can't 
keep hounding you all year to contribute.

AMSAT certainly should be included!

Ray - WB3ABN
Kingston, WAA
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