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All Kenwood radios and UNI-TRAC users

Kenwood TS-2000 users.
   This was a copy of a portion of an email I sent Dave Lamont about a
problem I was having with UNI-Trac:

 I seam to have a problem uni_trac . That being that if I inhibit the Rec or
Tx  Doppler , change the
freq of the radio, and hit the read in uplink or down link buttons, I could
not get uni-trac to read back the freq from the radios back into uni_trac.
Nor does FDT work.

This is a recent reply I sent to Dave about what I found:
Dave, after some time of investigation I decided to look at the data lines
to and from uni_trac. what I noticed was that uni_trac would send data
polling the radio but the TS-2000 would not reply. Yet if I hooked up the
TS-2000 to a com program and asked for a reply i.e.. FA; it would respond.
Then I got to thinking about the RS-232c interface requirements. All
Kenwood's require some form of RTS/CTS handshaking, but uni_trac does not
address this. So I simply shorted the input jack pins 7,8 on the TS-2000 to
fool the rig into triggering it self. Guess what it works like a charm, now
I get full read back of freq from the TS-2000 into uni_trac and FDT works
great. I bet you this is the case with all Kenwood rigs and uni_trac. I hope
your trip went well. Thanks for your help and support.
Frank KB2MVN

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