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InstantTune 1.08 status update

Hi Guys,

I found the problem with the FT-847 driver (problem #2.)

For those of you who want the gory details:

There is a piece of code, called a "virtual constructor,"
that creates the radio drivers in memory and initializes them.
Somehow in cutting and pasting while I merged in the new
radio driver files, the next line after it creates the FT-847
got deleted which was a "break" statement that makes it stop.
The next section of code creates an FT-100 driver so after
creating an FT-847 driver and initializing the radio, it kept
going and created an FT-100 driver on the same COM port.
The FT-100 driver was not happy trying to talk to an FT-847
so it failed its initialization. This gets reported up
to the radio tuning application which then refuses to run.

The good news is that it is limited to only the FT-847 driver,
all the other radio drivers should be OK.
I will get a patch out as soon as possible to fix this.
In the mean time, if anyone needs to use the FT-847 driver immediately,
I can send you version 1.07 via email.

Still working on #1, and thinking about #4.

Tony AA2TX

1. IC-821 driver
    (Investigating this with Pat)
2. FT-847 driver broken in Release 1.08
    (fix being tested)
3. FT-847 will tune on AO10, AO27 & UO14 but not on FO29,29 or AO40
    (resolved - need to update manual)
4. Want to use the old Kenwood TS-711/TS-811 radios
    (future - on the to do list)

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