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Re: stranded in birdies....

>Possibly a badly behaved Part 15 device one of your neighbors just installed?

Extremely likely!

Maybe the neighbours have had gotten ADSL or cablemodem installed, they are 
notorious for being, as someone recently described it, "Wideband MeowBots"..

I can mention a Nortel 1-Megmodem as rather nasty.

I've just converted to a Cisco 677 router, but have not yet collected 
enough experience to say if it is just as bad. It has some chunky looking 
ferrites on all leads in and out, so there is a possibility that it's not 
as bad as the Nortel.

A ComPORT1000 cablemodem from COM21 meows rater badly as well, i'm afraid :-(

But of course, there are many other troublesome digital devices out there 
not related to internet access....

Hope you will be able to deal with it.

regards, Jens

73 de OZ1LRG

Disclaimer: the above views are mine alone, and i'm not being paid by their 
competitors to say it, it's just my personal experience..

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