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InstantTune 1.08 issues...

Hi Guys,
Just got back from an "Internet-free," Thanksgiving vacation
and I see there are a few InstantTune 1.08 issues.
This is the list as I understand it:

1. Problems getting IC-821 driver running
2. FT-847 driver seems to be broken in Release 1.08
3. FT-847 will tune on AO10, AO27 & UO14 but not on FO29,29 or AO40
4. Want to use the old Kenwood TS-711/TS-811 radios

Here is where I think we are:

4. There is no TS-711/811 driver yet. Paul Williamson also asked
    me to add these. The 711/811 are very similar to the HF radios so
    it shouldn't be too hard but there are a few differences and
    I haven't had a chance to do this yet.

3. This problem is caused by trying to operate a UK radio out of
    the UK Ham bands. If you tune the RX to the beacon on certain
    satellites, the TX is above 146 MHz and the radio doesn't like it.
    I think #3 was resolved by Howard (G6LVB.) (Thank you!)
    This is documented in the manual sections for the TS-790 and TS-2000
    but not the FT-847. I will update the manual in the next release.

2. It looks like I must have broken something in the FT-847 driver
    in release 1.08. There were no intended changes in the FT-847 driver
    so something was inadvertantly done. A quick work-around is to use
    Version 1.07 and I can provide it anyone who needs it, just email me.
    I will investigate and provide a fix as soon as I can.

1. The IC-821 driver is not a "supported" radio in either 1.07 or 1.08
    but I will work with Pat to get it going and if we are successful, I
    will provide it as a supported radio in a future release. I will
    work this directly with Pat via email unless someone else also wants
    to join the fun.

Did I get everything?

Thanks for your interest and 73,
Tony AA2TX
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