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UO14 Pass

I got my antennas up today and unfortunately, my Elevation rotor isn't
working.  So, I pointed the antennas at about 45 degrees and well, it
worked.  I heard UO14 just fine.  Pretty much Horizon to horizon (This was a
little bit surprising.)  Unfortunately, I heard my downlink 1 time, but
could not establish any contacts.

I'm happy to hear so many new calls on UO14 (Since I haven't been on in
about a year), however, I'm wondering if anybody heard ME.  I called several
stations, and thought I heard my downlink before someone stepped all over
me.  Did anyone else hear me?

I don't think people are as polite as they used to be on that bird.  Yeah,
it was always bedlam, but I never had problems before.

Dave, N8KXA

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