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Hi Laura,
                If you are flying into Sydney:-

    A tour of ANSTO (see
http://www.ansto.gov.au/ansto/capability/facilities.html) is in a southern
Sydney Suburb of Lucas Heights is quite enlightening. They actually make the
N-type Silicon for the substates of most of the semiconductors which come
from Japan. The pure silicon is in the form of cylinders (comprising only
one cyrstal) which are exposed to neutrons which change the required
percentage of silcon atoms into "impurity" atoms but since they were
originaly silicon atoms which were cyrstalised as silicon, they are
perfectly part of the crystal.

    Also lots of other things to see such as the Tandom Accelerator which
can accelerate ions to about 1/10 of light speed.

    Electron microscopes, proton spectrometers and all sorts of stuff as

Also in Sydney is the Gladesville Amateur Radio Club TV Studio which we have
been running regular transmissions from since 1982. The transmissions
include lectures on Amateur Radio Theory (For people to get their amateur
licences) and other technical and educational material (NASA, CSIRO etc).
Our main live transmission is from 7:30 pm to about 10:30 pm on Wednesday's
and we welcome visitors to the studio. (Yes I am a member of GARC). The
Website is

    The Parkes Radio Telescope is about a 4 - 5 hour drive away. See

    Also in New South Wales (the state of which Sydney is the capital city)
is the Australia Telescope (Phased array of large Dishes - see
http://www.narrabri.atnf.csiro.au/public/atca_live/atca_live.html) at
Narrabri and  the opical telescopes at  .

    About 3 - 4  hours drive from Sydney at Tidbinbilla is the NASA
(Australia) Deep Space Network installation. See

    In South Australia is Woomera, the old rocket launch site but I don't
know what goes on there these days. The New Australian Launch (Asia Pacific
Space Centre) site is on Christmas Island which is in the Indian ocean of
the north west coast of Western Australia. See http://www.apsc2orbit.com/

That will give youu a few ideas. Many of the sites have links to other
interesting sites also.

Murray Peterson
Wiley Park (a suburb of Sydney)
New South Wales

NB. When in Sydney I can usually be found on 146.925 MHz (input 146.325 MHz)
the GARC 2m repeater. (You need to find out about reciprocal licencing)

My telephone number is +61 2 9750 8851 but if you are in New South Wales you
just dial 9750 8851. (That  2 means New South Wales both in my telephone
number and my callsign)

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> G'day,
> OK, I give up. After seeing so many films and TV
> shows from your country, I've decided it's time to
> see it for myself in April 2002.
> Would you nice folks have any suggestions for
> things that might be of interest to a radio-mad
> satellite-and-computer-crazy ham from Canada? All
> the tourist books talk about are beaches and koalas.
> I've already pencilled in a pilgrimage to Parkes.
> Spend some time in the countryside and maybe I'll
> get in some stargazing...you get the idea...
> All suggestions welcome. Thanks.
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