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FT-847 lock up.


Twice this month, my 847 locked up.

It's very strange, and happens randomly.  The radio was working just fine
when it was turn off, but was locked up when I turned it on the next time to
use it.

The front panel keypad is almost all locked out (frozen), but not all, as
some buttons respond I.e.. mode and few others.  Unfortunately, the Menu
button is frozen also, so I can't reset the radio from the Menu.  Also, the
radio is locked in the TX position.

The only way to normalize the radio is to hard reset it from the inside.

I use this radio as a back up, and mainly 6M and Satellite.  It's 90 % in
the satellite mode, and I'm certain it was in Satellite mode both times it
locked up.  Also, I don't use the packet or CAT connectors.   I don't know
if there is a relation there.

This is puzzling, and Tech support could not help. Has anyone seen this?
Any hints, ideas, etc will be greatly appreciated.

73s Saad N5FF

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