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RE: Ethernet does not work

> > This doesn't rule out a bad cross-over cable.  I think the "link
> > active" (or whatever) light should be lit on both adapters.
> That doesn't always rule out a bad cable either .. I've seen 
> cables that 
> light up as link active on both ends that won't pass any data 
> at all, or 
> worse yet, will pass data only intermittently, a packet here, 
> a packet 
> there .. one thing that does seem to narrow those down, though, is to 
> swap ends of the cable ..

Yep, I've had cables that look "good" but are useless.  Swapping cables has
been the most effective troubleshooting strategy. 

> You may be right, since the LAN I applied my previous advice 
> to didn't 
> have any subnet masks configured.  It might be that the TCP stack was 
> happy to have the subnet mask set and didn't need the router 
> addresses 
> configured as well.  It didn't seem to hurt though.  Then again, the 
> computers in question were iMacs, and some of this may be subtly 
> different on a PC network ..

Well, you need to set a subnet mask.  For a standalone network it's not
particularly critical (as long as all machines have the same mask), but
fonce you have routers around, the subnet mask must be correctly configured,
or wierd things will happen (like being able to access some hosts, but not
others).  And in that situation, you also need a default gateway ;)

> Heard from a flight instructor:
> "The only dumb question is the one you DID NOT ask, resulting in my 
> going out and having to identify your bits and pieces in the midst of 
> torn and twisted metal."

I like it! :)
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