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stranded in birdies....

   I have a new problem to contend with now at the sat station...
   For the last 3 years, I have had the quietest operating spot
   you could want in the 2M and 440cm bands...  Until recently.
   As of a few weeks ago, I now receive clusters of hetrodynes
   throughout the entire 2M band.  They are S9+ at all times day 
   and night.  I thought at first it was me, so I went through the
   house and eventually turned off every circuit breaker in the house
   and ran the radio on a car battery.  Still there.  It does not
   appear to be the receiver, I have 3 that all exhibit the problem.
   Also, my Kenwood R2000 (which is hooked to the Downconverter for AO40)
   is also hearing the birdies, even with the converter off!!  The
   source is not strong enough for a freq counter to pickup and I cannot
   seem to find access to a Spectrum analyzer.  Anyone have any suggestions
   on how to track this down?  Please help, I am Oscar-less!!  8=-)

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