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Ethernet does not work

I want to connect my notebook B (OS is XP) with my computer A (OS is Win2k
or Win NT 4) via a Ethernet LAN and cross-over cable.

The adapters seem to work. The icons appear on the screen. The LANs are
activated on both. Computer A tells me, it has sent 644 packages, but
recieved none. B: none / none. They belong to the same workgroup:
"ARBEITSGRUPPE". I can ping from A to A and from B to B. But not from A to B
or B to A. They have different IP's and .
I have controlled the cable: it is in order.
Ipconfig tells me the configuration on the computer I am sending from.
net view \\A works from A, net view \\B not. And vice versa.
What is wrong???
Thanks in advance.
73 de Albrecht df9lc

Appendix: net view \\B from A : error 53   Netpath not found      (and vice

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